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Want to get in touch with us about training, membership, or ask us questions about ham radio? You’re in the right place!
You can view our main contact information here, or feel free to email any of our club officers.

P.O. Box 434 Cleburne, TX, 76033

Questions about training or presentations during meetings?
Training Coordinator

Questions about testing?
Testing Coordinator – Keith Beucler, KE5AWF

In person meetings held at the:
Johnson County Emergency Operations Center
810 E Kilpatrick St, Cleburne, TX 76031

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Our Club Officers

Tim – W5WK

Tim Irish – Club President

I have been a licensed ham for 25 years. I enjoy public service and ham radio has provided many ways for me to give back to our community.


William – KG5JIV

William Rantala – Vice President

I have been a Ham for six years and enjoy helping out with projects and giving back to the community.  Portable operating is a way i enjoy spending time outside while practicing this fun hobby with my friends and family. 


Picture of Destiny smiling in front of a small river bed.

Destiny – KG5MRD

Destiny Beucler – Club Secretary

I am a 3rd generation Ham. I’ve always enjoyed serving my community, and this a great way to do so. I also enjoy being part of the ham radio family.


Mark – KE4LPD

Mark McCurley – Sergeant at Arms

I have been a ham for over 25 years. I enjoy participating in community service, helping new hams, and spending time on the radio.
73’s and hope to hear you on the air!


Cher – KG5LOW

Cher Phariss – Treasurer

I was introduced to Ham radio in 2015. I decided to join and got my Tech liscense in 2016. I upgraded to General in 2017 and also became a VE. I became the JCARC treasurer in 2019.